Thursday, October 8, 2009

We aren't in Kansas anymore Auntie Em

This, is the biggest storm in a teacup since they put visible hearing aids in John Howard's wax dummy at Madame Tussaud's.

Hey Hey it's Saturday's Red Faces is an Australian heritage. You could compare this to how racism in America used to be the right way to go. Taking the piss in the land of Oz just is.
Yanks don't get it, that's why Georgie would always tug my arm and tell me he was "taking the piss" whenever he told a joke, most often at my expense. Georgie is used to the Yank not understanding because they simply don't. Even when it slaps them in the face.

This type of non-journalism makes me sad. This is in actual fact a witch hunt. No one thought there was anything wrong until that gimp made Daryl apologise. And then, the media took it and ran. With the apparent uproar in America, which basically means they had nothing else to write about, the local journos have resumed their America envy. Shame on you Australia for being UnAustralian. The worst insult around.

There are also 3 facts that I would like to draw your attention to:
  • Those guys did this skit 20 years ago. No one had a problem then and racism in this country seemed to be largely unaffected from this tomfoolery. However, in the US, racism seems to have hit a new high. The events coined "Rodney King" and "beers in Obama's Rose Garden" come to mind.
  • Michael Jackson is white. His death does not change that.
  • And as one FunkyDreddUK said on YouTube:
    "I don't believe they intended to offend but in America this is higly sensitive because of the history of black Americans and how they were treated. However, Americans are quite happy to portray Arabs, Asians and pretty much everyone else in a negative and offensive manner on tv without much controversy..."
So yeah Harry, where were you 20 years ago? Huh? Huh? Take your book burners, your fun killers and that weird drooped face you now have back to your jazz club and stay there. America's history is its own and Red Faces belongs on an entirely different spiritual level.

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