Thursday, September 20, 2007

NBC to allow free downloads of TV shows

NBC announced that its shows would be made available online for free download via a service called NBC Direct. Beginning with an October beta test prior to a roll-out in November, viewers will be able to download entire programs and view them over the course of a week, after which the downloaded files will expire and become unusable. The move comes in the wake of a decision by NBC to withdraw its programs from Apple's iTunes store.

What does the digestif say?

Very sexy. Very smart move towards the future. NBC meets consumer demand. Although I don't think a week will be enough. Or can you just download it again?

I could have pictured myself settling down with a Brandy, my iPod and Californication. But a Jeffrey McManus ruined that view:

"In October, NBC will launch a craptastic DRM-laden video download site that will let people do less than virtually any video delivery system ever devised. This NY Times article announces the new "store" without mentioning that the reason these movies people download will self-destruct after seven days is because they're wrapped in Windows Media DRM."

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