Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google to shake up cell-phone industry

Can a Google Phone Connect With Carriers?
Google is expected to introduce in the coming weeks new applications that would enable cell-phone manufacturers to bring Google-powered units to market by mid 2008, according to this article. The search giant is aiming to lessen the control of wireless carriers over what programs can be accessed on mobile devices.
The Wall Street Journal

America's mobile offering is bad. Real bad. The consumer is considered last in the equation. The bottom line, is of course, first.
I've worked with Telcos. I know they really do only care about the bottom line. I've heard them say it. But they know, they're going to make money regardless. So moving forward, telcos need to keep their customers happy and give them what they want, otherwise they will simply leave to another carrier.
A termination fee is a hassle, but it's better than staying where you aren't getting what you pay for.

In the US market, the telcos have a stranglehold on the market. I keep waiting for a shakeup like this. It will work too. I've seen it happen. The consumer voice works. And the Google move is the first step to the change.

And further down the track - VoIP. The telcos should be very careful with what they are doing and where they are headed. Once VoIP hits the people with a solid platform, telcos are going to be scrabbling for pieces of the pie as other platforms go into decline.
They're all in development, but at present, value for money isn't worth it. And once the new companies arise, the archaic telco models probably won't fit.

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