Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We are in a marketing revolution

Millard Predicts Digital Revolution
by Erik Sass
Revolution is in the air. And Wenda Harris Millard, president of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, sees huge changes coming in the digital space. To survive, magazine companies must adjust to changing dynamics

I like Wenda Harris Millard
This lady is on my wavelength.
And I quote "The media world has changed more in the last five years, in the head end, than it has in the previous 50, and it will change that much again in the next five years."
That's right kids, marketing as we knew it, is Finished. Finito. Fini.

And if we continue to think the way we have, we will also be finished.
That means don't think about "what's new? I need my client to be in the space that has hype", more about "how can my client facilitate their users". That is what the new marketing age is about.

And hype...I'm sick of hype. It is advertising's case of peer pressure. Facebook, Hulu...they're around and they're new, but if we don't know how the consumer responds and how to leverage/integrate effectively, there isn't much point being there. And by integrate, I don't mean no banner ad.

Focus on your client, their target and their objectives. If you start from there you'll see better results, I personally guarantee it.

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