Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yahoo wants to do what?

Yang pledges new openness for Yahoo!
Yahoo! is aiming to separate itself from rivals Google and Microsoft by becoming an "open" platform that helps users solve problems on its own channels or links them to other Web sites, according to CEO Jerry Yang. "Openness is upon us," Yang said Tuesday, at a conference in Half Moon Bay, Calif. "There is an opportunity for Yahoo! as a huge publisher to play the open game and do that as a strategy."
The Hollywood Reporter/Reuters

Digestif: I've drunk it all in and I'm still sober...

I read the little blurb, I read the article. I'm confused. The 2 don't match up.

"Openness"? What does that actually mean. Not much in this case. I feel Yahoo is just saying words to give a sense that they're doing something different.
Their behavioural stuff is great. I love that, but this openness palaver? I don't really get what they're saying.

I mean, don't all these apparent 'open' platforms exist already?
I think they call it web 2.0?

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