Thursday, November 8, 2007

Doritos didn't pay a cent to be Colbert's election sponsor!

Doritos "chips in" to Colbert campaign
The Hollywood Reporter
Comic Stephen Colbert's mock effort to get on the presidential ballot in South Carolina may have done more to bolster Doritos than democracy. The host of "The Colbert Report" was filmed munching on Doritos and mentioned the brand on his show while discussing his campaign. The brand integration, arranged by media shop OMD, was unusual because the PepsiCo-owned Doritos brand was prohibited under election law from paying for the placements, according to this article.

Oh so funny!
So even though illegal for an advertiser to sponsor a presidential candidate, Doritos paid something, for sure. They just found some fantastic legal loophole.
Great integration.

And now, how does this tie in to the digital/interactive space- if you just watched the video embedded here, you're contributing.
Channels are merging, they're no longer confined to their traditional boundaries. Mobile is also part of this new equation. Think how to blend the potential of the 3 screens into your next campaign.
This is the wonder of the inter-web.

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