Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ad exchanges and the web giants

Oversight A Must For Continued Growth Of Ad Exchanges
by Tameka Kee
Earlier this year, Web giants like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google took part in an online feeding frenzy, gobbling up independent ad exchanges. As it turns out, concerns about marketplace competition, transparency and regulation were valid. "The three largest exchanges are now owned by the three largest sellers of online media," noted one ad:tech attendee. "Should there be some kind of auditing or regulation?"

Problems with your ad tracking???
Those shifty web giants*!
At least the IAB is getting on board to ensure results will be properly tracked without the worry of fudged results.
What perplexes me further is the mention of Imran Khan. He is cricket player turned politician! I don't recall any online analyst career.

*by 'web giant' I imply bastards

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