Thursday, November 8, 2007

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook

Facebook Opens the Doors and Media Flocks In
CBS, CondeNet, NYT Rush to Set Up Pages
NEW YORK ( -- Facebook users love to "poke" friends they have linked to on the site, an electronic way to tap a pal on the shoulder, even if they are miles away in a classroom or office. Now aficionados of the popular social-networking site will have just as much opportunity to do the same to advertisers and media outlets who want to vie for their attention and disposable income.

Will we ever stop talking about Facebook??
I got an email from CondeNet announcing their partnerships with Facebook. They're happy little vegemites on that one.
CBS seems happy too. So does the NYT.
BUT- a caveat- these brands offer content. Whether information based or on an entertainment level.
These categories tend to exist very well in this space, entertainment even more so.

We have to think carefully about whether our consumers, the people who interact with our product, really want to acknowledge their brand advocacy amongst a social network.
Some elements fit, some don't. Just don't get involved because all the other kids in the neighbourhood are.

There is also a New York Times article here

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