Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How Older Pros Can Transition to Digital

Ad Age: Leslie Laredo - Media professionals, now hear this: It is time to walk the talk or take a walk.

Pull the other one
I love these articles. When I read the title and little blurb, I noticed myself smirk and think "this is going to be a fucking doozie".

It wasn't that much of a doozie, but the stink did reek.

Ad spend on digital doubles, triples, is raised to the 1000th power ....who gives a shit?
Consumers certainly don't and traditional styles of ad messaging no longer resonate. What you will begin to find is marketers paying premiums for the creative power within new ways of doing things. These new methods will actually connect with their customer in the customer's head space AND costs peanuts in terms of media spend.

Terminology et al
So 2007. It's not about knowing what all the buzzwords are. It's about knowing who your consumer is, what they want and how you hit their buttons.

With the right training and resources, the expertise of the dinosaur will win out.
Bull. Shit.
Again, not about learning all the cool tech crap that's going on now. The bottom line is whatever ad sheme you envision, whatever fantasy you dream up, you will be able to do accomplish it now or in the immediate future. Tech is moving so fast you can't teach someone what's happening now, because 3 weeks ago it was already over.
What all advertisers should be doing is learning how consumers have adapted, what has made them change, the things that get them excited now.
A newsflash- crappy ad banners or keeping up with the ad spend of your nearest competitor won't do it. Keeping ahead of your consumer will.

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