Monday, April 28, 2008

Click Me, Baby... One More Time

by Anne Zieger: The click is it - the thing that's everything. Or it has been. For almost a decade, performance marketers have placed so much importance on initial click-through rates that they've forgotten nearly everything else. That's not such a big surprise: After all, while marketers have countless other metrics at their disposal, the click is the most basic unit of reaction one can measure. But the click is really just the beginning.

Clicking is bullshit and the title of your article sux ballz!
If click mechanisms work for you, do it. But banner blindness, negligible click through rates and plain shit ads are sure signs that most marketers should do something different.

And my favourite quote in the article:
"But the reality is that there's a new generation of consumers who have little or no privacy expectations"

The Reality is???
No Privacy expectations????

I'd think not.
What planet are you from Anne?
With the rise of identity theft, paranoid parents and sensationalised news stories in the current day and age, another one we've seen right here -- I think it would become more of a concern.
You can't just throw around statements like that. Cut the crap. Please?

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