Friday, April 25, 2008

Nielsen Shifts From Counter Programming To Counter Terrorism

by Joe Mandese: People in the advertising business tend to take Nielsen data pretty seriously, but a top company executive Thursday disclosed that Nielsen data is now being used for purposes far more consequential than TV ratings or product research. It's being used to detect and counter terrorist attacks on the U.S. homeland.

Excellent way to cause concern over nada!
Read the article.
There is absolutely nothing in there about terrorism. It doesn't even make any sense. How can you track potential terrorist attacks through ratings?
Oh wait- I may bomb the sound stage where they film Two and a Half Men because that show is a fucking travesty and if I do happen to see it I have the urge to kill the person watching it, and, destroy the TV.

What does make a little bit of sense is the epidemic tracking, but even that is still contentious.

Nielsen, stop pulling shit and blowing smoke. Start doing what you're supposed to and make sure the ratings are accurate!

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