Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Social-media platform for consumer complaints

ClickZ: In an online survey by the Society for New Communications Research, 72% of respondents said they rely on blogs and social networks to scope out a company's reputation and gain feedback on customer service. Meanwhile, 59% of respondents said they use these forums to air complaints over poor experiences, although only around one-third of respondents said they believe companies take such online gripes to heart.

That's right, people are angry mother fuckers
Only recently have I noticed that people, when hidden behind a digital cloak of anonymity, really let it fly.
I've been seeing the comments on a client blog- certain individuals let any sense of rationality escape them and become these irate morons. They swear, and I'm talking real profanity. They have these ridiculous theories as to why something isn't the way it should be AND they have NO facts.
It almost becomes comedy, if it wasn't so shocking it would be. For other non-anonymous swearers out there who are taking the piss, this is when it's ok and does become comedy!

Do consumers need this outlet?? Are they angry at other things in general and let brands and products have it?? Do people need anger management against corporations? But, why in the first place, are they even this angry?

Some slut also gave it to me on my blog. The comment never got posted, but their attitude and anger towards me was frightening. Either I've done something to this person that I am completely oblivious to, or they are simply sick in the head with unnecessary jealousy.

This is probably what she looks like

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M.M.McDermott said...

I hear ya. But that's the beauty of the interweb, wisey. People can hide in the warm womb of anonymity, peeking out of the vadge long enough to strike before hopping back in.

I've always said, if you're going to put it out there, really put it out there. If not, just shut your slit.