Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CW pulls Gossip Girl from internet

YPulse: In a bid to increase TV ratings, CW has decided to air the show Gossip Girl, only on TV.

In the words of the cute child, could you fuck up anything more royally?
What is wrong with these networks?? They do something right and then they want to take it away, only so they can bump up the cost of their ad rates??
What about doing something that people actually care about?? Who in the hell watches ads on TV?
Instead of taking the easy way out, why don't they think how they can integrate advertising online, encourage their extremely savvy Internet audience to participate and try make money that way??!
It's hard work, creating something new is tough and if it's good it will pave the way for the next iteration.

Please excuse the chopped in half 3 year old, I don't have a legal quicktime converter, but seriously "wat up dawg?"

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