Monday, May 5, 2008

Consumers Post To Web Due To Experience, Not Advertising

Karlene Lukovitz: Advertising and promotions, whether in traditional media or online, play only relatively small roles in driving consumers to post content about products and services. This is the somewhat humbling reality, according to survey data from Nielsen CGM/Homescan Buzzfacts.

This is a good little article
Very good.
I often see many agencies and ad execs trying to chuck in all these "sexy" and "Web 2.0" devices into an ad program, without really knowing what they're doing or what they mean.
I don't even know what "Web 2.0" means! It's just some buzzword that people throw around that sounds good and they use it because it's ambiguous and expect you to think it's ambiguous because they really have no fucking idea of what they are doing!

The biggest problem is that a lot of ad people forget that consumers are people. Why would anyone want to go all out for a brand?? There would have to be some pretty big motivation behind it- and the article is right- companies have to put in the hard yards with successful customer service (even reaching out when not needed) and a good quality product.

Do companies screw up because their thinking is backwards?
They have the outlook of
"How do we make consumers are spokespeople and get them to spread the good word?"

Instead of
"Our consumers have been so good to us. Why don't we service them more by shifting our ad dollars from wasteful TV campaigns, to creating platforms where consumers can receive even more value from us, for NOTHING"

Key takeaway from the article: "What are the keys to effectively leveraging CGM to build brand advocacy? Trust, authenticity, transparency, affirmation, listening and responsiveness"

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