Monday, May 5, 2008

I forsee calamity and suffering

The new Sex and the City movie is coming out soon.
We all know how successful the show was, even if towards the end there, the outfits became better than the writing.

But I know how this is going to pan out. I know how these decisions were made:

Studio execs: Let's make a Sex and the City movie. We're sure to make a bucketload. Women are just slaves to this show.

More studio execs: Yeah. Yeah. And it's not like we need a plot line or a real script, because people will see these 4 do anything as long as we have the Sex and the City title on it.

First Studio exec: Yeah, let's do it. We CAN'T go wrong!

And they're right. They won't go wrong. The movie will be so far fetched and the studio will make shitloads of money because women who love the Sex and the City ladies, will go in droves to see this thing.

It's actually like the 'Facebook drop'- you can't go out one night, anywhere, without hearing some tosser mention Facebook in a conversation. It used to be blogs. But now, you can't go anywhere without hearing some desperate woman say "Ohhhh, I can't wait to see the Sex and the City movie. It's going to be so fabulous."

Well I have news. It's not going to be fabulous, it's going to be horrendous and there is definitely one person who won't be seeing it till it's easily accessible on my television!

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