Monday, May 5, 2008

Nets Try to Get Fans to Go Where the Money Still Is: TV

AdAge: CW Will Use Contests to Lure Viewers to Couches Instead of Computers. The CW, the fledging network stitched together from the remains of UPN and the WB, is testing some new methods aimed at getting younger viewers to think of the boob tube -- not the computer screen -- as the place to go to see first-run fare

Networks, you really piss me off
A continuation from my previous post on the matter

Seriously. How dumb can you be??
Why would you want to end a good thing so you can focus all your energies on something with an end in sight?!
TV is on its last legs. DVRs will get cheaper, people will continue to miss ads and the value of the ad will continue to decrease. The only TV ad that's going anywhere is the one in a must see now, live, you cannot wait till tomorrow type show. Those are few and far between.

Instead of investing resources to find a solution to make the internet more lucrative (as that is where the future is, it does seem to be a no brainer), these gits are investing time and money into the stinker.

How could I forget the most important? It seems the networks did too...
People seem to want their TV online and if they are coming online, to the network site, isn't that a great place to entice them further? The possibilities are very exciting. And if you nut it out, you've got a great long term future worked out (that can keep adapting) before it's all too late.

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