Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dell Moves To Protect Brand Name After Legal Ruling

by Laurie Sullivan: The Albany County (N.Y.) Supreme Court found that Dell deprived customers of technical support they either bought or were eligible for under warranty. The company failed to provide onsite repairs for contracts. They also required customers to wait for extended time on the phone without ultimately providing help.

Oh Dell. I think you've gone and done it now.
You were doing so well there for a second, but this is really pretty low. Leaving people hanging?! Basically telling people to get effed when they have a warranty?!! Wow....

The problem is most probably one of track back. The customer service staff have no care factor, demonstrated by their ass-hole-ness, and no pride in actually helping people. Which means they aren't happy with their jobs and ultimately filters back to the upper echelons.
You gotta have trickle down Dell. You need to make your support staff, who are your connection to the outside world, as happy as they can be. Little benefits do go a long way. Happy workers make good workers and if they care about the company they will ensure that the work they do for it is top notch. This is really customer service 101. I don't understand why it's so hard.

mmm...we really don't pay enough attention to the good things when we got 'em....

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