Thursday, May 22, 2008

For Hall and Parker

"Your computer just got a whole lot sexier! This working mouse is shaped like a woman, and the "boobs" are waterball click buttons! The Sexy Mouse is compatible with Windows 2000/98/95, and includes left an right boobs - I mean buttons - scroll, and free zoom. Click away!"

Sex sells and these two love boobs..... .... ... although I think they missed a button.

Put any brand logo on the 'body' and you have a winner.



George Parker said...

Wisey... You sexy sheila you... Made my day. I have brought this to the attention of Steve, he will no doubt be sending you a suitable gift or something. Do people use these on Second Life?

Steve Hall said...

Thanks Wisey. It's good to know you truly know what I appreciate:-)

Wisey said...

Honestly, you guys are pretty easy to please