Friday, May 23, 2008

Teens open to giving their mobile digits to marketers

Los Angeles Times: Teens are receptive to receiving ads on their mobile phones, especially when the messages offer useful or entertaining information, along with the sales pitch, according to this article. "For them, responding to an ad that's relevant by sending a text or following a link on their phone is a logical brand engagement," said Nic Covey, director of insights at research firm Nielsen Mobile.

Hang on, Hang on. You can't blatantly twist a headline like that
What they really mean is that teens are open to receiving short, to the point information on their mobiles AND it has to be information that they want to know about.
Oh- should I mention that none of this really involves advertising? It all relates to magazines having mobile sites and mobile messaging/interactivity and, for some reason, PROMS! I'm sure there are banner ads involved, but really, no sane person wants a banner ad MMS! Don't insult me into trying to make me think that teens do either. P.S. don't give me BS about higher click through rates because most of those are mistakes due to poor navigational skills.

I don't understand why the media needs to twist and trick people into thinking that the old way of doing things must still permeate in the every day? Why? What's the point? Or are they trying to speak in a language that people are used to understanding? That doesn't really make sense, because they even confused me into thinking they were talking about something else.

Well, there was one small mention of teens receiving ACTUAL ads (the gaming and other stuff that brands have created for teens are good and brands should keep doing those. Yes. Applause). And what does the one kid say about the multitude of ad messaging he received when he signed up to something else:
"They were kind of stalking me," he said. "But then they stopped and I was glad."

How cute. But, pure genius.

Enjoy the prom

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