Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why the "mobile Internet" is a poor investment

Boing Boing: Joi Ito, a shrewd Japanese/American venture capitalist, has written a great little blog-post about why he's not so hot to invest in the "mobile Internet." Basically, when a heavily regulated, big stupid phone company controls your "internet," then your ability to innovate and do cool stuff and make money is entirely predicated on the regulator's or the stupid phone company's willingness to allow that to happen. So if you're making money by disrupting something that matters to the phone company or one of its entrenched partners, forget about it.

Yeah mobile companies. Stick that in your pie hole.
Mobile companies have a huge stranglehold on the growth of happy consumer voices across mobile phone airwaves. I cannot believe the ridiculousness of phone companies in the US and am still to decide who to choose as a supplier (it's been 8 months) based on the baseless lies I see in ad campaigns. I'm surprised that I'm surprised by their lies.

They make so much money and they have no problem generating huge profits either way. Why don't they just play nice and let everybody eat cake? Just as open platforms create better platforms, don't they realise that the happier the people are, the more they spend?

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m.m.mcdermott said...

Oh, to be a pair of mittens.

And nothing is more annoying or intrustive than unsolicited mobile marketing a la SMS from Verizon telling me how awesome they think they are.