Monday, May 19, 2008

Social media still searching for hit ad formula

Adweek: Social networks have adopted a trial-and-error strategy to develop ad practices that engage users, according to this article. Steve Jang, CMO of social network Imeem said, "We're branding the experience, not the content."

Hmmm, I wonder what's wrong with this picture?
AS the idiot savant piped up from the corner with the most obvious and crystal (as in clear) answer: Ads don't work on social networks, because people don't want to share or connect or engage with an ad. They want to be sociable and enjoy the voyeuristic nature that networks have to offer.

The problem with agencies and publishers today is that they miss that. They are trying to squash an old methodology into a new dynamic. It's not going to fit and maybe I should also just accept that in several aspects of my own life (take that as you like it).

This article is 3 pages long and it's just full of so much blah! I've also come to the conclusion that there is nothing in there. Maybe I should get excited and get ready for another idiot themed week.


m.m.mcdermott said...

Nice pick for the video, Wisey. Reminds me of high school; five minutes, some bubble gum, a pipe cleaner, and some construction paper and oh the MacGuyverian things I could have done with/to Kim Deal.

George Parker said...

Dead right blue! BDA's just don't get social networking... Well who the fuck does? Apart from you and me!