Monday, July 14, 2008

Madonna Still the Best Brand Marketer

AdAge Bonnie Fuller: The A-Rod Affair is a Platform for Another Material Girl Metamorphosis: Marriage Wrecker. Man Eater. A-Rod's Other Woman and Soul Mate. Whatever you want to call Madonna now, you can be guaranteed that the Material Girl loves every one of her new Page One monikers. And it's not just because she's the nation's No. 1 narcissist. No, it's because Madonna has just proven once again that she is the No. 1 marketer in the nation."

Hey Bonnie, put a 4 'n 20 in and shut your pie hole!
Geeze Bonnie. Where do you come up with these gems?
This is the same Bonnie of marketers knowing how to market in SATC.
I know people have a sick and twisted image of celebrity. Quite honestly, I don't care about the dramas going on in celebrity lives. It is a sick world we live in, where people know more about the concocted drama of a songstress instead of the latest developments in centrifugal force.

Not only that, but Bonnie says this story will help Madonna sell tickets, concert sales are currently slow, delayed and lagged at the station. Methinks it would have been better to write the article once the evidence was conclusive?
Madonna is a bit dried up, those muscles are revolting and every good Jew knows that Kabbalah is bogus. The final knife- SHE SHOULD LOWER HER PRICE POINT.

It's the boy who cried wolf. It's nothing original and the fact that Madonna keeps 'changing her image' is tired! If she stuck to something, now there would be a surprise!

A 4 'n 20. Good tucker. Probably 1% meat and 88% offal. Please Bonnie, use the pie like you're supposed to.

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