Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Facebook's Plan to Amp Up Ad Revenue

AdAge: Until Now the Social Network Has Focused on Growth, Luring 222 Million Unique Visitors a Month. Think Facebook's 15 minutes are just about up? Well, one in five web users in the world is saying otherwise. So what are its plans for serving ads to all those people?

Please, someone direct me to the porcelain bus
Oh my. The article has absolutely NOTHING to say. MySpace appears to be the winner by splashing its ad wares over its site- but that is what it's there for. The audience responds or doesn't mind it and that's the way it goes. They're just blatant and that's all there is to it.

FB on the other hand- well they appear your friendly, not into the whole ad thing, people for people type thing and they're suffering for it. I actually believe that advertising may not be the way to make money on the platform. I think it may be usage fees. Something nominal like an annual fee of $20 for all the features and then a free plan for the basics.

It's not just because I hate the fucker, or because the thing is poison and ruining socialising in reality. It's because advertising is not the way on Facebook, they've made that bed with hospital style corners and now must lie in it.


George Parker said...

Hot Legs Wisey...
As usual, you hit the nail on the fucking head... Ads suck... Usage fees rock... That's how SuicideGirls make fucking millions... $4.99 a month... Peanuts. Particularly to the surprisingly large audience prepared to pay every month for what they want... It's fucking simple... Why are you and I the only ones who get it...

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